About Us

We are one of the leading organization engaged in the business Servicing, Trading, Tendering and contracting. Shaheen Electrical Works and Trading was Established in 1979 US $ 2.5 million plus Electrical service and trading organization, proud to be the country leader as a service provider for all kinds of industrial, supplying & sourcing electrical goods. Civil & electrical sectors. Shaheen is one of the first enterprises in the electrical equipment sector, perhaps in the Gulf region as a whole. Standing tall on its strong foundations laid thirty years ago, Shaheen now enjoys a considerable share of the market share and is hard at work to consolidate its coveted position at the top, always striving for more. Shaheen handles almost every aspect of electrical goods and services, including maintenance. The equipments offered by Shaheen cover the entire spectrum of devices in all its variety, each with the unique advantage of quality and class from this trusted business house. The full fledged workshop facility gives Shaheen the edge over its competitors that translates to affordable and timely completion of projects for its ever expanding clientele....

Mahmoud Abhary FM  

Mahmoud Abhary has more than 10 years of experiences in finance and accounting

Thilak Muhandiram Mec Eng  

Thilak Muhandiram has more than 10 years of experiences in mechanical engineering

Mohammed Siraj Service Agent  

Mohammed Siraj has more than 12 years of experiences in Dewalt Authorized Service.

Mohammad Hossain Workshop Sup  

Mohammad Hossain has more than 10 years of experiences as Workshop Supervisor .

Subhash Singh Elec Eng - MMUP Grade B   

Subhash Singh has more than 5 years of experience with KAHRAMAA,and QP lisenced